Please read carefully

The photographers who are involved in the Provincial Snocross Championship events are mostly volunteers and use their own equipment, time and talent to offer free memories of your accomplishments. If you enjoy the images of a photographer, please feel free to:

  • Respect their work;
  • Thank / compliment him/her and shake his/her hand at the track;
  • Identify him/her when you use these photos on the web;
  • Make a donation

All photos in these galleries belong to the photographer.
The SCMX Provincial Snocross Championship has received approval from the copyright owners of each photograph for its use on this website.

You are free to use these images for non-commercial use on social media only if you agree to respect the following rules:

  • No degradation, cropping, blurring or alteration of watermark of the photographer’s name and/or company;
  • No alteration, coloring, cropping, cropping or other changes to the original version
  • No use of a version created as a result of a screenshot, photograph or other process that could degrade the quality of the image.

This does not include the rights to print, use in silkscreen montages, and other transfers to any medium, material or product.

For any other use contrary to these rules, you must receive prior consent from the photographer or copyright owner mentioned in each album.

SCMX Photos Témiscouata-sur-le-lac
SCMX Photos Sainte-Sabine
SCMX Photos Valcourt
SCMX Photos Shawinigan
SCMX Photos Roberval
SCMX Photos Chibougamau