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Please note that for all events, our organization is in charge of media management, interviews and press releases. In order to help us support you during each event, please apply for press accreditation at least 3 days prior to the event. You will receive an email with instructions to follow upon your visit.

Have a great raceday!

Thank you for filling out this application for accreditation with care. Please be sure to include only those events that are already planned in your schedule. You will be notified shortly to confirm. If you have any special requests or needs, do not hesitate to add them. We reserve the right to decline or restrict a request to a single day based on the requests received, your status or any other relevant reasons.

    16 janvier - Témiscouata30 janvier - Sainte-Sabine13-14 février - Valcourt20 février - Saint-Calixte27-28 - Roberval13 mars - Shawinigan26-27 Mars - Chibougamau11 Avril - Saint-Donat


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      The Provincial Snocross Championship features 7 rounds in as many different administrative regions in Quebec. The rounds take place over one or two days depending on the location. In all categories (classes), each day is a complete race program with qualifications and finals. The results of the two days of racing are fully independent and count as two entries to the championship.

      Depending on the total of athletes registered, it is possible that a class may be separated into two groups in order to meet the maximum limit of 12 athletes on a starting line. Otherwise, if a class has few athletes registered, it is possible, according to some rules, to merge two classes during the same race to enhance the show and make the action more interesting for the fans.

      The transition, junior 8-10 and 10-13 categories are subject to restrictions on power and maximum speed of the snowmobiles. In order to make the sport more accessible and affordable, athletes in the junior categories must use a used snowmobile that is at least 1 year old.

      In all other categories, the type of snowmobile is the same regardless of brand and year and cannot be modified except for the suspension and clutch, which cannot be purchased from a dealer. Snocross snowmobiles are only available from manufacturers (Ski-Doo, Polaric, Arctic Cat) or second hand from an individual or an athlete who acquires a new one. Only the “Beginner” category allows athletes to use “trail” or “backcountry” type snowmobiles in order to try out the sport.

      The data below is for educational purposes only and may vary from one race site to another or according to categories. Speeds are based on the performance of Pro category athletes.

      Standard snocross track

      Length: 0.65 kilometer | 650 meters | 2.132 feet
      Width : 12 to 15 meters | 40 to 50 feet

      Top speed in straight line snowmobile: 95 Km/h | 60 m/h
      Average speed of snowmobile: 51 Km/h | 31 m/h
      Top speed in straight line snowbike: 68 Km/h | 42 m/h
      Average speed snowbike: 45 Km/h | 28 m/h
      Average time of a snowmobile ride: 25 sec.
      Average lap time Snowbike: 30 sec.

      Number of curves: 6 curves, one of which is a hairpin shape.
      Number of bumps: ~ 10-12 bumps in the bump field
      Height of the snow mound from the finish jump: 6 meters | 20 feet
      Height of the finish jump: 6 meters | 20 feet for pro athletes
      Length of the finish jump: 27 meters | 90 feet for pro athletes
      Number of triple jumps: 2 or 3 series depending on the area required

      16 January

      City: Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac
      Official event name: Snocross Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac
      Event type: Manche #1 du Championnat Provincial SCMX
      More info

      30 January

      City: Sainte-Sabine
      Official event name: Snocross des Etchemins
      Event type: Manche #2 du Championnat Provincial SCMX
      More info

      13-14 February

      City: Valcourt
      Official event name: Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt
      Event type: Manche #3 du Championnat Provincial SCMX et ontarien CSRA
      More info

      20 February 2019

      City: Saint-Calixte
      Official event name: L’Extrême snocross Saint-Calixte
      Event type: Manche #4 du Championnat Provincial du Québec
      More info

      27- 28 February

      City: Roberval
      Official event name: Festival d’hiver de Roberval
      Event type: Manche #5 du Championnat Provincial du Québec
      More info

      13 March

      City: Shawinigan
      Official event name: Grand Prix Snocross de Shawinigan
      Event type: Manche #6 du Championnat Provincial du Québec
      More info

      26-27 March

      City: Chibougamau
      Official event name: Évènement Baie-James
      Event type: Manche #7 Championnat Provincial du Québec
      More info


      Nom officiel de l’événement:  Red Bull Sledhammers
      Event type: Hors championnat
      More info

      Pro Lite
      Pro Vétérans 30+ (restricted to 30 years old and over)
      Veterans 35+ (restricted to 35 years old and over)
      Veterans 40+ (restricted to 40 years old and over)
      Women (restricted to female 12 years old and over, trail snowmobiles allowed)
      Sport Lite
      Junior 16-17
      Junior 14-15
      Junior. 10-13
      Transition 8-10 & 9-13
      200 cc (6-12 years old)
      120 cc stock (4-6 ans)
      120cc modifés (6 à 12 years old)
      Beginner (restricted to 3 races or less athlete, trail snowmobiles allowed)
      Vintage (vintage snowmobile 1986 and before)

      Some changes may be made without notice due to special weather conditions, unusual numbers of athletes or major incidents.A day and evening race program are never running back-to-back on the same day.

      This section of the site will be updated at the beginning of the season.

      Single day events are held roughly between 11am and 7pm.
      Multi-day events are usually held between 11am and 7pm on saturday and between 9am and 4.30pm on sunday.
      For more information, ask us.

      Updated soon!

      Newspapers / Blogs

      October 13rd 2020
      Passion FM 100,5  | 103,9 | 105,5

      Une manche du Championnat provincial de Snocross SCMX présenté à Sainte-Sabine

      October 11th 2020
      La Voix du Sud

      Le circuit Snocross SCMX s’installera à Sainte-Sabine

      September 18th 
      Le Quotidien

      Le Championnat de snocross au rendez-vous malgré la pandémie

      Radio / Podcast

      October 15th 2020
      Passion FM 100,5  | 103,9 | 105,5
      Interview with Mathieu Buteau

      TV / Videos
      Neuwpaper / Blogs

      6 décembre 2019
      Info Dimanche

      Snocross : un événement de haut calibre à Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac

      6 décembre 2019
      Le Progrès de Coaticook

      Coaticook Snow Show: un événement pour les passionnés de motoneiges

      5 décembre 2019
      360 Nitro

      La crème des athlètes de snocross débarque à …

      1 novembre 2019
      360 Nitro
      Calendrier garni pour le championnat provincial de snocross

      24 Mai 2019
      Grand Club RDS
      Redonner les lettres de noblesse au snocross

      24 avril 2019
      La Voix du Sud
      Mathieu Buteau devient le grand manitou du snocross au Québec

      Radio / Podcast

      5 décembre 2019
      Horizon FM 95,5
      Entrevue avec Mathieu Buteau

      5 décembre 2019
      Frontière FM
      Le Championnat provincial de Snocross SCMX présentera sa première manche au Témiscouata
      Écouter la 1e partie
      Écouter la 2e partie

      TV / Videos

      5 décembre 2019
      Des courses de snocross en janvier au Témiscouata