Q & A about COVID-19


(last update: october 21 2020)


The answers below have been written with the best of our knowledge, according to the standards in place at the time of the last update. Since the situation and health measures change weekly, it is very difficult for us to gauge what standards will be in place for the 2021 season. We are hoping for your collaboration in applying the health standards and recommendations of public health, on a personal, family and day-to-day basis in order to reduce the possibility of breakouts within the SCMX team and athletes

Why a tentative schedule?

The constant changes in health standards and public health constraints do not allow us to guarantee 100% of all events. This is the reason for such a busy schedule: we want to offer you the maximum opportunity to enjoy your passion. This calendar may therefore evolve throughout the season according to public health recommendations.

If an event cannot allow spectators, some rounds may still be held in a confined area and some special precautions may be taken.

Each time the calendar is updated, or major changes are made, we will notify you by email and text message as usual.

What will be the sanitary rules for the athletes?

Depending on the region, and other recommendations in effect at the event, athletes will have to respect sanitary standards.

Basic rules such as two-meter distance, hand washing, disinfection of common areas and masks will be part of this year’s racing context.

In addition, athletes will not be allowed to have personal contact with the fans in the stands or paddocks.

Each entry and exit of the athletes (paddock, starting area, mechanical control, etc.) will be controlled in an up-to-date logbook.

It will also be forbidden for an athlete or team member to visit the race trailer of a third-party athlete trailer.

Interviews and reports with the media must respect the 2-meter distance and be done outdoor in the paddock. 

Will we be allowed to visit the official SCMX trailer?

In order to reduce contact, all registrations will be processed exclusively online, as well as online ticket sales will be strongly recommended to promoters to avoid currency exchange, line-ups and proximity contacts.

The official SCMX trailer will be exclusively reserved for the SCMX team.

For all requests, athletes or team members must use the side door of the trailer equipped with a protective plexiglass. 

Will athletes be able to travel within the host city?

In order to protect the residents of the regions featured on our calendar, we request your cooperation in reducing your visits in public places in the cities visited: grocery stores, restaurants, bars, gas stations, etc.

The delivery of food to your accommodation will also be recommended.

Athletes from different teams will not be allowed to occupy the same accommodation.

Can I race if I live in a red zone area?

Travel between regions is not recommended for those who live in a red zone.

A screening test may be required in the days prior to a green or yellow zone event if you live in a red zone.

I tested positive for COVID-19, what should I do?

In the event that an outbreak of COVID-19 happens during the season with an athlete, all athletes and other team members who have been in contact with the athlete will be contacted for testing. This test will be mandatory and not questionable in order to continue the season.if several athletes are diagnosed positive, we will unfortunately have to cancel the following rounds for a period of 14 days.you will therefore be required to isolate yourself for 14 days if you:

  • Are back from a trip abroad (outside Canada)
  • Have been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Have symptoms of VIDOC-19, even if they are minor have been in contact with a suspected, probable or confirmed case of COVID-19
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